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"Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountain
is going home; that wildness is necessity; that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as
fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life."

- John Muir

Golden Shore

Salicornia virginica Golden Shore is one of three mitigated marshes in the LA county; the other two being Salinas de San Pedro and Jack Dunster Marine Biological Reserve. Directly off the mouth of the Los Angeles River, Golden Shores offers a unique refuge for birds of all sorts, several species of salt marsh plants and numerous invertebrates in the middle of the bustle of downtown Long Beach. This special hiding spot for the local flora and fauna is a meager representation of what a lot our concrete jungle used to look like.

During the winter months, the rain that falls upon our streets finds the storm Spartina foliosadrains, rushes into the LA river and makes its way into theocean. Along with the rain comes the trash and debris that is carelessly tossed about in our cities. And because Golden Shore is located at the end of this watershed, winter is a difficult time for this marsh. To help protect against the onslaught of trash we have put a floating barrier, also known as a boom, to stop what we can. Unfortunately, the boom doesn't stop all the trash and some still sneaks into the marsh and damages the unique plants. Our last defense against the menacing litter is a little bit of sweat. In late winter and early spring, we and an army of volunteers are vigilantly devoted to cleaning the place up. If you are interested in being one of those volunteers, please email us at: info@lcwstewards.org.

 Shores MapDirections and Parking at Golden Shores:
Driving on Ocean Blvd.
Turn South on to Golden Shore Drive.
After passing the R/V park on the right there will be a small metered parking lot that overlooks the Reserve.

Los Cerritos Wetlands Stewards, Inc.